BBSRC/NERC GCRF research translation project:
This new project enables us to engage with Thai stakeholders to translate our research findings from the previous project into proposals for better policies and practices for sustainable aquaculture. Research findings:

Newton Fund/British Council/OHEC project:
We started a new collaboration project with KMUTT on sustainable water quality management in aquaculture without excessive use of disinfectants and antibiotics. The collaboration builds on the outcomes of our earlier work described below.

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Farmer engagement at organic aquaculture learning center, Dec 2019:

MinION training workshop at KMUTT, Dec 2019:

Symposium Next Generation Sequencing, Probiotics and Other Technologies for Water Quality Management in Aquaculture at Knowledge Exchange, Bangkok, Dec 2019:

Fieldwork in Sept 2019:

MinION training in Newcastle, April 2019:

Fieldwork, Jan 2019:

Next generation sequencing lecture at KMUTT, Jan 2019:

Previous BBSRC Newton SEA project:

In Thailand we work on the valorisation of agricultural wastes in the rural economy for bioenergy production, nutrient recycling and water pollution control in aquaculture with partners at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi:
Prof Soydoa Vinitnantharat
Prof Parinda Thayanukul
Ms Pavinee Patanachan
Ms Nipapun Pansuk
Ms Thunchanok Thongsamer

Biomass drying