Student projects: Effect of dehydration on cardiac function

MSc student Sophie Evans completed her research project (2023) in our environmental lab exploring the effect of dehydration on cardiac function. Sophie was trained to take a number of specific measures using echocardiography by Prof Chris Eggett a clinical echocardiographer. Participants endured an exercise test in hot environmental conditions to achieve the target dehydration. We hope to further expand our insights from this project in the near future.

Good luck to Sophie who starts a PhD at Bath University this October!

Student projects: Convective air flow in extreme temperatures.

Our undergraduate students (2023) explored the effect of convective airflow on body temperature in a range of extreme environmental temperatures. They also trialed wearable technology in these extreme environments that reported core body temperature.

Harriet, James & Jack (pictured below L to R) spent several months in the environmental facilities testing a number of participants in extreme temperatures between 37 and 45 degrees C. The project generated some very interesting insight into how we tolerate extreme fluctuations in temperature.