Welcome to the website of Newcastle University Fine Art Departments Graduating cohort. This website exhibits the work of the graduating year of 2020, encompassing their practice in their graduating year and their growth since March 17th 2020 (their last day in the Fine Art department). Featured is the artist’s catalogue, digital show and artists’ profiles. 

This website archives the work of each graduating year since 2020, as a digitalisation of each cohort’s emergence as artists. 

Graduates of 2020


Nobody could have predicted how this year was to turn out. From the tangle of nerves and excitement with which we settled into our studios and prepared for meetings and deadlines, to the disheartening closure of the department and journeys home. The triumph of the first few months of the academic year were matched by the uncertainly and loss we felt in the latter half. But to decide to preserve and create in those circumstances was the mark of true resilience. It attests to the greatness gathering ahead for this cohort. I truly believe that this graduating class are makers of exemplary art that makes you think, feel and experience wholeheartedly. They have not only shown tremendous determination, perseverance, faith, and heart in themselves but in each other. I know that it was the support of my peers that sustained me the most through everything. I am excited to see my fellow students go ahead and do great things. I have full faith in their abilities, talent, hard work and compassion. Not dismayed by the last year but spurred on to create and build a community of artists, thinkers, makers, and dreamers. I am excited to support and experience their future endeavours and see how they make and nurture a space of their own in a world that is constantly shifting and evolving. 

I believe I speak with confidence for our entire graduating class when I say that the support of the tutors, lectures, technicians, and the wider departmental staff has been instrumental in the completion of our degree. We feel so respected and cared for – the bond goes beyond professional and there were often times we could turn to you for personal support and that is a special privilege. Thank you for being there for us. 

This exhibition attempts to capture the excellence of the graduating classes of 2020. 58 emerging contemporary artists show us what it means to make art during the COVID-19 pandemic. An eclectic culmination of various contemporary styles, encompassing the mediums of painting, print, sculpture, textiles, digital medias, sound, and installation. 

Gulmehar Jilani

Newcastle University Fine Art Graduate 2020