So long and thanks for all the science!

by Bob Lightowlers

Since its inception over 15 years ago, first under Monica Hughes, then Jeff Errington and more recently myself, ICaMB has continued to exceed expectations. There are many metrics to support this. For example, being invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society, the oldest scientific academy in the world, is a remarkable honour and ICaMB was home to four of the five Fellows at Newcastle University. At the other end of the scale, our cohort of Early Career Researchers is truly remarkable, winning Henry Dale, University Royal Society and David Phillips Fellowships as well as BBSRC/MRC New Investigator and Career Development Awards.

Whilst the quality of research that was performed in ICaMB continues to be superb, it
is the working culture moulded by professional services, technical and academic members,
postdocs and students
that I really want to pay tribute to. I believe ICaMB has evolved an excellent and collegiate environment which most people have felt pleasure in being part of. It is with sadness that we say goodbye and many thanks to ICaMB, but with such exceptional members moving on to Newcastle University Biosciences Institute (NUBI) I have no doubt it will continue in spirit to punch well above its weight.

One thought on “So long and thanks for all the science!

  1. Thank you Bob. I share your sentiments about ICaMB. It always felt that it punched above it’s weight. Maybe we will spread the wisdom to other research areas. Let’s hope so.

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