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One of the most important things we need to do as scientists is communicate, both with each other and with people outside academia and research.  To help this, we will be starting a range of new, interconnected social media activities in ICaMB.  In addition to this blog, we now have a Facebook page and regular updates on ICaMB activities via Twitter.

Here, we hope to have contributions not only from academics in ICaMB but also from our students, postdocs and other key members of the Institute, as well as  some guest bloggers.  We plan to have regular blog articles appear every two weeks but this will be supplemented with the thoughts and opinions of a range of contributors as well as updates on events as they happen.

Our plan is to inform but also hopefully entertain.  We will highlight some of the great research that is going on in ICaMB but also discuss some of the important issues that affect all of us as scientists.  We will value your contributions so if you have something you would like to say, please get in touch!

This is an exciting time in ICaMB.  Although we, like everyone else, are having to weather the economic storm, there is also plenty of great science being performed and new initiatives that make this a great place to work and perform research. The new ICaMB postdoc (IPA) and postgraduate student (PANIC) associations will provide a new voice for some of our most important members of staff. We also have the new IRES, Independent Researcher Establishment Scheme that will bring new principal investigators and ideas to the Institute (more on this later).

Check out the Facebook pages for photos of ICaMB activities and scientists.  Feel free to contribute your own (embarrassing photos of Professors are always welcome). Check out Twitter for all the latest up to the minute information and news about ICaMB activities. We hope you will enjoy reading this blog.

Please join in and tell us what you are thinking!

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