Ammar Mirza (CBE) 

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Having grown up in Newcastle, Ammar describes himself as a ‘Geordie Asian’, and has spent much of working life contributing to the growth countless businesses in the region. As a member, chair, and founder of several initiatives he has supported and sought to improve the lives of thousands of people, particularly school children and businesses run by ethnically minoritised owners. I talked with Ammar about the work he does and its interconnectivity with the city he calls home.  


‘Even with the accolades and the awards that I have, and I’m very proud to have them, hasn’t sort of meant that I no longer experience racism, and I do’ -Ammar Mirza  


Ammar’s parents moved to the UK from Pakistan, and he spoke about the differences in experience between their generation and his, and the difficulties he faced as a young person. The communities formed by his parents’ generation, their culture and growing up in Newcastle have all played a part in shaping his identity. Ammar has dedicated a considerable amount of time to the continual development of inclusivity in the local area so others can have an equal opportunity regardless of their identity and background.  


‘I was almost embarrassed to be ethnic growing up, but certainly that’s changed over the years, and I’m particularly proud of both my cultural heritage, as well as the region that I was born and brought up in’ -Ammar Mirza  


Having built an extensive corporate career, Ammar’s bond to Newcastle brought him back here to grow his entrepreneurial business and give back to the place that is so important to him. With a passion for improving civic life, he continues to positively impact the socioeconomic livelihood of his community, and on behalf of NUREN and everyone he has helped I would like to thank Ammar for his commitment, time and care through the remarkable work he does.  


‘I was born here and I resonate more with the region than I do anywhere else in the world’ – Ammar Mirza  

By Taz Nasif-Whitestone

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