Podcast Episode – Jack Hepworth

In this episode, historian of modern Ireland and Britain, Jack Hepworth, discusses his research interviewing Irish republican ex-prisoners. He outlines the background to his project, before analysing contested memories and identities among republican ex-combatants in ‘post-conflict’ Ireland.

Jack Hepworth lecturers in modern Irish and British History at Newcastle University. He completed his PhD in 2019, which examined Irish republicanism after 1968. His first monograph: The age-old struggle’: Irish republicanism from the Battle of the Bogside to the Belfast Agreement, 1968-1998 will be published by Liverpool University Press in 2021. Based on wide-ranging primary evidence and 25 oral history interviews with republican ex-combatants, the book assesses political, social, tactical, and strategic differences within Irish republicanism.

Jack is a member of the Newcastle Oral History Collective, and was a researcher on our Foodbank histories project. Working with Silvie Fisch and Alison Atkinson-Phillips, the research has had an important impact on how we understand food poverty in 20th century Britain. Jack is also a researcher on the ‘Preston Black Lives from the Windrush Generation’ being led by Professor Alan Rice (University of Central Lancashire) and Clinton Smith (Preston Black History Group).

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