LabVanced Workshops and the Lab Tour

We are excited to announce that our linguistics laboratory, which was under refurbishment last year, has been reopened. The Lab has many world-class pieces of equipment. It has two small sound-treated isolation booths and one sizeable sound-proof booth to provide an ideal experimental environment. It is also equipped with high-quality phonetic and speech recording tools, as well as ultrasound tongue imaging. The Lab can support a wide range of articulatory, phonetic, psycholinguistic, and corpus research, and you can read here for more information.

The Lab is licensed to use LabVanced, an online experimental designing and launching system. On the 19th and 25th May, Fengting Du and Andreas Krug, who are members of our research group, demonstrated how they used LabVanced to benefit their research. The questions covered were: (1) how to start up a new study; (2) how to import your stimuli; (3) how to set variables and record the data you want; (4) how to randomize the order of your questions or stimuli; and (5) how to launch your study and export your data. We also shot some problems about data analysis together during the workshops.

After the workshop, the research group had a demonstration of ultrasound tongue imaging from the Lab administrators. If you are interested in the Lab equipment and want to know more, you can call into the Lab or book the Lab here.

Please leave a comment if you have questions on LanVanced or would be interested in another training session. We look forward to arranging further workshops like this.

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