15th December – Thomas Sopwith 26th December 1867 Diary Extract


26th December 1867 diary entry

26th December diary entry from Thomas Sopwith’s 1867 diary

The image and extract are taken from 26th December 1867 diary entry page from Thomas Sopwith’s diary.

Dec. 26th 1867
In the finenoon Mr. John Weightson called and I had a very agreable communication with him on several subjects. In the evening my daughters and a few of their young friends had a dress rehearsal of a little drawing room drama “The Duchess of Mansfelt.” – for which some frame work, a curtain and lights had been skillyfully arranged during the day. The servants, workmen and others formed the audience and the performance passed off very well. I then exhibited in the lobby a new toy called the “Wheel of Life” and a number of photographic and other pictures with all which they were gratified and the evening therefore partook of a cheerful character worthy of Christmas time._,,_,,_,,_,,

The diaries of Thomas Sopwith (1803-1879), mining engineer, land surveyor and philanthropist in the north-east of England, cover the period 1828-1879. They form a meticulous account of the professional life of Sopwith, detailing his work, projects and his travels both for business and for enjoyment. The diaries also include sketches and illustrations of people, views, and buildings and often include descriptions of lectures and conversations with people Sopwith met on his travels.

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