Geoffrey Trevelyan’s letter to Father Christmas

Door No. 22

Letter from Geoffrey Washington Trevelyan to Father Christmas, 1917 (CPT Uncat/30)

This letter to Father Christmas was written by Geoffrey Washington Trevelyan, the youngest son of the politician Charles Philips and Lady Mary Trevelyan of Wallington (find out more about the Trevelyan Charles Philips Trevelyan here). Written at his grandparents’ house Rounton Grange on Christmas Eve 1917, when he was seven years old. Geoffrey requests that Father Christmas decorate the tree and bring presents for the children.

Geoffrey later became an engineer at de Havilland, and the 5th Baronet of Wallington.

Courier ‘Stealing the Christmas Spirit’

Door No. 3

Article titled ‘Stealing the Christmas Spirit’ from 5th December 1985 edition of The Courier

Anyone see the pun here? Wonder if he was ever caught?

From 5th December 1985 issue of the Courier. View the full issue here.

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