Linking a Tab to another Section or Website

When you add a new Section to a site in T4 it automatically creates an item in the navigation or sidebar. Sometimes though, you want an item to appear in these areas that links to a different section in the site (such as back to the homepage) or to a different webpage.

To do this you go to Add Section (as though you were going to add a new page) but instead of adding content, make it a Link Section.

Adding a link to the Home Page.

Name the section “Home”, then click on “Make this a Link Section” – at which point a tab called “Details” will appear.

Add Link Section

Then select the “Section” radio button followed by “Select” to choose the section you’re linking the homepage of your site.

Link Section 2


You’ll then see the “Home” section in your site, at the bottom of the section list. To re-order the tabs see this post.

Link Section 3

Adding a link to an External Website.

To add a link to an external website, create a section in the appropriate part of your site and give it a name as described above. Click on “Make this a Link Section

External Link


Select “External URL” then enter the address into the Link URL field and click Add.

Add Section

And you’re done. It will appear as a Section icon with an arrow in it that will appear in the navigation or sidebar, and when clicked on will link to an external section.

Link - Show site structure

Note that there is some bad practice here: people don’t expect to be take out of a site by its own navigation, so you may wish to consider instead creating a page describing the external resource and its relevance to your site and linking to it from within that page.




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