We are taking a break

Because of rains and COVID-19 we are taking a break. We don’t now yet when fieldwork is likely to commence. But below some lovely pictures detailing the journey we have had so far.

We have been measuring 72 plots so far, come rain come sunshine. Our amazing field crew has been working from early in the morning to late in the evening almost every day (we do allow them to take weekends).
We have braved the rain on foot….
And we have braved it on the motorbike.
We waded through water to get to our plots on farmed land and in the forests (and their lants: this is what happens when you are a highly enthusiastic botanist like Kayombo here)
We have worried about camera traps and downloaded amazing data from them….
and yes, we did spot the occasional leopard 9well: the cameras did)
We even harvested some sugarcane (and other cool crops like okra, maize, pumpkin leaves…). Not to eat (mind): after all – we want to understand the variation in yield in the landscape and test whether it relates to natural capital benefits (soil, pest controls, shade…..)

We have analysed the data collected – well we started to. And its exhausting. Some nice graphs to follow soon.

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