Arpit Kaushik

Photo by Seán Kiely




A poem inspired by Anjali B Purkayastha’s ‘Home’


I can float here on these outlines of clouds

unfilled, nested within borders, in teal

self-led and self-reflected. There are no

rainbows, only a sense of them

mono-coloured bridges in green

This is a topographical blueprint, a web

of destinies taking quantum leaps

a microbial strain of my translucent blood

separating neural pathways, left-right, right-left

Shards strung together, bolted barbed wires

a web of webs, a maze of mazes

like the pattern of that peacock feather

I collected from my grandfather’s tin

roofed veranda, singing a song

whose words I could not understand

A place I called home, the child I was


Arpit is an engineer, MBA by qualification and works as a Digital General Manager in the technology industry. He is also pursuing his MA in Poetry Writing from The Poetry School/Newcastle University. He lives in North London with his wife and two children. Originally from New Delhi, he has been in the UK for the past 13 years. He has read poetry at Keats House and on two radio shows at Resonance FM.


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