Seán Kiely

Illustration by Kasia Grzelak, as it appears in the anthology Bridges



after Michael Lyons’sculpture in wax and steel, Mithras Suite IX (The Eighth Gate), The Hatton Gallery.


What God rose from earth

to split this brute in two?

To tear muscle from shoulder,

horn from skull,

ravage the tubes, rivets, sinews and girders

wherein light is held?

Not divine enough,

the blood of oil heats our veins,

and we are terrified.

We probe the beast’s ticking chest –

we blade its heart, and drink the wine that spills

and reddens our boots.


Mithras, meanwhile,

ascends on his winged bull,



He ascends into light.



On the day of our anthology launch, we present to you a powerful poem by Seán Kiely, who is currently studying for his MA in Writing Poetry. He has been published in Poetry Ireland Review, the Honest Ulsterman and The Echo and his work has been included in two anthologies: Wordweavers and Inside The Crocodile. Seán has also read his poetry at the Kilkenny Arts Festival, the Newcastle Poetry Festival, Irish Culture Night, and various poetry events in Ireland, England, and Wales.  He was born and lives in the countryside of County Wexford with his family.





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