ESRC Festival of Social Science

Professor Pauline Dixon was one of a distinguished panel at Durham University on the event “Improving Schools for Disadvantaged Children“. Along side Pauline was Ziauddin Yousafzai, who is well known for being Malala’s father. The event was Chaired by Professor Stephen Gorard with Professor Nadia Siddiqui also being one of the expert panelists. The event commenced with a summary of the key findings and implications from the British Academy study of early child education in India and Pakistan, on which Pauline was one of the Co-Investigators. Ziauddin Yousafzai provided the Keynote address and stayed at the event for the panel discussions.

Dr Kathleen Fincham India visit

Dr Fincham recently visited our three project areas in order to meet with women entrepreneurs. Her focus was to look at the association between empowerment and resilience and what it means to be a women entrepreneur in such circumstances. Being an entrepreneur provides women agency and dignity. Kathleen was interested in exploring how entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism is affected by the governance structures and institutions that are in place in the three different contrasting informal settlements.