Entrepreneurial Freedom

Entrepreneurial Freedom

Watch our Rising Tide video which shows Hayek’s words in action “Order generated without design can far outstrip plans men consciously contrive” from The Fatal Conceit: Volume 1 The Collected Works of F.A.Hayek.

Mapping Entrepreneurship

Mapping of entrepreneurship within the settlement area is currently being undertaken in New Delhi:

A household survey has also been carried out between 28th March and 9th April 2022. The 959 households that took part in the survey were randomly sampled from Sanjay Colony, Okhla (Phase 2) (Jhuggi Jhopri/ slum), Ajit Vihar (unauthorised colony) and Bhalswa (resettlement colony).

The household survey collected data on individual households and family demographics, travel to work, household assets, social entrepreneurship, neighbourhood cohesion, social capital, trust, access to basic amenities (public and private), freedom and choice, and individual perceptions of wellbeing.

With regards to freedom and choice the survey revealed that residents are more likely to have greater feelings of freedom if they have higher levels of education, feel happy and are more satisfied with their lives. You are less likely to have a feeling of freedom if you believe your life is controlled and determined by powerful others.