A number of the Geospatial Engineering team attended GISRUK 2013 (Geographical Information Science Research UK) held at the University of Liverpool April 2nd ~ 5th.  Neil Harris presented a poster showing his work on the real-time air quality sensors and the NUIDAP architecture (Ncl Uni Integrated Data Access Platform) for transport and air quality modelling.  Javier Urquizo (Phd student in Architecture with Phil James and Carlos Calderon) presented  a paper his work on spatial urban energy models.

The short talks and lively atmosphere with a mix of young researchers and a digestive base of more mature academics and researchers provided a great platform for seeing the breadth and depth of GI research in the UK.  This year there were some interesting technology observations with R and PostGIS providing the underpinning to many analyses and research.   There were a also some great talks on visualisation (not a subject I normally warm to) including some great visualisations by keynote Jason Dykes (links can be found here:    GISRUK 2014 returns to Glasgow.  For those that remember the last time – bring on the beige food and the ceilidh dancing (or maybe not..).

Nice summary of some of the talks here:  Thanks to Addy Pope at EDINA.

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