Viva success – Daniel Caparros-Midwood

Last week, on the 7th March, Daniel Caparros-Midwood successfully passed his viva with 1 months corrections. Dan has been in the department since 2008 when he started as an undergraduate on our GIS degree. After graduating he immediatly started a PhD on optimised spatial planning with us under the supervision of Stuart Barr and Richard Dawson, and then left around six months ago to begin his carrer in GIS at AMEC after submitting his PhD.

Well done Dan and good look in the future!

Author: Craig

Currently a research assistant working on the ITRC MISTRAL project for the first national scale system-of-systems analysis framework, where my work focus on the database and visualisation aspects of this work. He is also currently working towards the completion of a PhD in infrastructure robustness to cascadingand spatial failures.

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