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Following our blog post looking at the distances of football grounds from their nearest railway station, we had a think about other interesting football-related analysis that we could do. Having previously been a holder of an away season ticket, I thought that one interesting comparison might be to investigate which football fans would spend the longest on public transport to visit away games.

In order to do this analysis we used the Google Maps Distance Matrix API ( ) to calculate the time and distance you would have to travel on public transport between each football club, to arrive at 2pm on a Saturday. The locations of the football grounds were used as the start and end points for each journey since we obviously don’t know where supporters actually live!


Below is a list of the 5 longest away trips between any pair of Football League or Premier League clubs. You could look at this as the nightmare FA Cup draw if you’re committed to going to the game, and the ones you really don’t want to be switched to a Friday night for TV coverage.


team1 team2 duration length
Plymouth Argyle Newcastle United 6 hours 39 mins 657.287Km
Plymouth Argyle Sunderland 6 hours 29 mins 647.920Km
Torquay United Newcastle United 6 hours 22 mins 620.825Km
Plymouth Argyle Hartlepool United 6 hours 13 mins 622.370Km
Carlisle United Plymouth Argyle 6 hours 13 mins 626.729Km

The 5 quickest are below – some of these would likely be quicker to walk!

team1 team2 duration length
Notts County Nottingham Forest 3 mins 1.126Km
Liverpool Everton 4 mins 1.654Km
Fulham Chelsea 11 mins 3.138Km
Walsall West Bromwich Albion 11 mins 9.997Km
Birmingham City Aston Villa 11 mins 5.831Km

In summary, you really don’t want to draw Plymouth away…

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