Pani is now a Senior Scientist at Cignpost Dignostics

More great news about Pani; she’s been hired as a Senior Scientist at Cignpost Dignostics (CD) to screen samples for Sars-CoV-2. CD provides this service to companies where social distancing measures are either impractical or unproductive, helping employers to create a safe working zone through testing. CD test samples on site, either in fixed or mobile lab units, providing accurate results within 2 hours using rapid health diagnostics. They test approximately 200 samples per day. Pani makes sure PCR results are accurate and meet standards, deals with any issues arising during the process, and delivers results on time. This is a great new experience for Pani; we are pleased to report she is happy being involved in a project related to COVID-19 screening in industry.

Finalist for the THE Awards 2020

Happy to announce our research has been short-listed in the STEM Project of the Year category for the THE Awards (Times Higher Education). Engineering a halt to the ‘superbug’ highlights our research on relationships among environmental pollution, inadequate sanitation, and antibiotic resistance around world. Impact story is described here. Winner announcement on 26 November 2020.

Upcoming Talk: Fighting the Next Pandemic: Water quality, antimicrobial resistance, and global health

Prof David Graham will be speaking at the Newcastle Alumni Day on Saturday, 10th October 2020. The lecture is open to Newcastle graduates, current and retired staff, supporters, and others; you can register here. David will discuss links between water quality and resistant infectious disease – which could potentially lead to the next pandemic. Antimicrobial resistance already is rampant in the developing world, partially due to poor water quality. However, it is growing everywhere due to global connectedness. David will present evidence of this spread before discussing holistic solutions.