New beginning

Some of you may already know that I recently moved to Newcastle University. In fact, I wrote a blog post about this on my first day in the new job. In that post, I promised that I would migrate the Dermal Drug Delivery & Diagnostics (4D) Laboratory blog to a new server.

The migration has begun today. This blog post represents the start of that migration.

Given my busy schedule early in the academic year, the migration is going to be a slow process if I get my priorities right. While this blog takes shape, the impatient may head to my university staff profile for much of the same information.

For a while, there’s going to be two blogs on the Internet dedicated to the 4D Laboratory — this one, and the previous one hosted by University of Brighton. I do not know when the previous one will be wiped off the Internet (frankly, I’m surprised that it is still available), but hopefully the site will be rebooted here before that happens.

Stay tuned!

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