Recent Workshop Recap

We are delighted to update our community on the successful completion of our recent workshop this Monday, titled “Training Your First ASR Model: An Introduction to ASR in Linguistic Research“.

Workshop Overview:
The workshop was designed to delve deep into the foundational elements of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and its classical architecture. Focusing on the application of ASR practices in linguistic research, participants were guided through a flexible workflow of automatic forced alignment, demonstrated using various research scenarios. The primary objective of this session was to help our attendees understand the core concepts of ASR and provide them with the necessary tools to utilize ASR in their linguistic research.

Speaker Spotlight:
Our workshop was led by Dr Chenzi Xu, a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of York. Dr. Xu’s current work revolves around the fascinating project “Person-specific Automatic Speaker Recognition.” Concurrently, she is concluding her doctorate at the University of Oxford. Dr. Xu’s remarkable achievements in the field have been recognized with the prestigious Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, which she will commence at the University of Oxford next year.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Introduction to ASR
  2. Exploration of Statistical Speech Recognition
  3. The Role of ASR in Linguistic Research
    • Phonetics and Phonology
    • Transcribing Fieldwork Speech Data
    • Implementing Automatic Forced Alignment
    • Examining Allophone Distributions
  4. Hands-on Session 1: Practising Automatic Forced Alignment
  5. Hands-on Session 2: Adapting Existing Models
  6. Hands-on Session 3: Training Acoustic Models

We trust that our attendees found the workshop both informative and practical. We appreciate the active participation and look forward to the impact this knowledge will have on our individual linguistic research projects!

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