ICPhS 2023 Attendance

We are pleased to announce that the research of seven of our group members has been accepted for presentation at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) 2023 in Prague. This is a great achievement for our research team and reflects the hard work and dedication of our members.

Rory Turnbull’s research on: The phonological network properties of nonwords and their impact on learnability has been assigned to the 26th session on Phonetic Psycholinguistics. Fengting Du‘s research on: Rapid speech adaptation and its persistence over time by non-standard and non-native listeners has also been assigned to the 1st session on Speech Perception. Yanyu Li‘s research on: Incremental cue training and its impact on lexical tone learning by non-tonal listeners has also been assigned to the 1st session on Speech Perception.

In addition to these oral presentations, Niamh Kelly‘s research on the analysis of the effects of stress on phonetic realisation will be presented as a poster. Cong Zhang and her colleagues (Ricardo Napoleão de Souza, Tina Bögel, Catherine Lai, Alice Turk) will present their research on Language redundancy effects on f0: A preliminary controlled study as a poster presentation. Abdulrahman Dallak will present a study that he coauthored together with his supervisors (Jalal Al-Tamimi, Ghada Khattab) and their research is: Obstruent voicing and laryngeal feature in Arabic. Finally, the title of Andreas Krug‘s poster will be: The effects of accent familiarity on narrative recall in noise.

All the accepted research papers have received positive and constructive comments from the reviewers, demonstrating the high quality of research being conducted by our group. We are proud of our members’ achievements and their contributions to the field of phonetics and speech science.

We are excited to attend the ICPhS 2023 conference in August and look forward to meeting other researchers who share our interests and passion for this field. We wish all our group members the best of luck in their presentations and are confident that they will represent our research team with distinction.

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