The author holding fire in his hands in an experiment, compliments of the Street Scientists. No Photoshop trickery or other such nonsense required.

Welcome to my blog on some of the latest and greatest scientific breakthroughs and innovations, mainly from researchers at Newcastle University and colleagues. My name is Brett Cherry. I am a writer, or some would say ‘hack’, fascinated by science and technology. In this blog I will explore new scientific ideas, findings and the practical aspects of scientific and engineering disciplines. I will report to you from ‘behind the scenes’ of science and engineering in the making, hopefully in an at least mildly entertaining way. You can subscribe to this blog here.

For the record: I am not a scientist, although I did study sciences like field botany (really like the Ginkgo biloba tree) and astronomy (ditto Sirius star system) at uni, and focused on renewable energy systems, mainly solar, then the physics (and philosophy) behind the concept of energy itself. I then cut my teeth in science & technology studies as an undergrad and did a postgrad in science communication.

I would not consider myself a ‘science journalist’ per se, although I have done science journalism and would toy with the idea of being a scientist who journals, but maybe in the universe next door. We may never know for sure.

I have a special interest in science & technology for sustainable development (who wouldn’t?), and where possible experiment with science and philosophy at a practical, theoretical and perceptual level, even phenomenology (phe-nome-what?). I am also interested in the novels of Philip K. Dick and their relation to technological society.

I have great appreciation for the incredible work that goes into science and engineering by *shock* *horror* people more intelligent than me. There will always be people smarter than you folks and sometimes you should stop and listen to them, it may just make you a little bit smarter!

So, join me in my many escapades with scientists, engineers, technicians, artists, nerds and everyone in between. We shall have many fun, adventurous and factually accurate stories to tell.

You can reach me at brett.cherry@newcastle.ac.uk