Team privacy check-ups, new features and guides

Public or Private? Who can access your Team?

Calling all Team Owners! Take a moment to check your Teams privacy settings.

By default all Teams created are Private and only members can see the content and conversations. If a Team Owner sets a team to Public it will be discoverable by anyone in the University- staff or student. They can view all files and documents in the Public team and join the Team without requesting permission.

For the majority of scenarios we recommend you keep your teams Private. Please review our Teams privacy check-up for more details

Creating meetings in Canvas using Teams

The Flexible Learning website has some great guides for arranging online meetings in Canvas, taking you step by step through the process to set up Teams or Zoom meetings in our new VLE.

Prevent attendees from unmuting during Teams meetings

When you organise a meeting in Teams, you’ll see a new setting on the options page titled “Allow attendees to unmute.” This can be toggled before the meeting starts to ensure attendees cannot unmute themselves during the meeting. By default “Allow attendees to unmute” is on, i.e. attendees can unmute themselves freely during the meeting.

Take control of noisy notifications

As we are added to more and more Teams the noise level can increase. Fortunately, the new notifications options should make it easier for you to quieten the app down. Go to Settings>Notifications to set your preferences.