Zoom Demo Sessions for 2021

Whether you are looking to use Zoom for the first time, need a refresher on a specific topic or just want to see what’s new, we are running another batch of our popular Zoom tutorials through to the end of February 2021.

Our new sessions are topic-driven, so it’s worth attending even if you have been to one last year. 

We run 3 x 30-45 minute sessions, covering the basics like signing in and screen sharing scheduling through to breakout rooms, annotations, whiteboards and polls.

If you use Zoom regularly or will be supporting Zoom users across the next academic year then we would highly recommend coming along – https://videoconferencing.ncl.ac.uk/advicenew/training/#zoom

We hope to see some of you there!

We also have an active Zoom community running (with over 600 members) if you are interested in joining?

20 updates for Microsoft Teams for Education

As learning continues to move online, Microsoft introduces a collection of new (and upcoming) features in Teams. Highlights include an expanded 7×7 gallery view, breakout rooms for small group collaboration and more analytics arriving in time for the next academic year.

Several new features will be of importance to educators and students:

  • Use a custom background for your video
  • 7×7 gallery view for group meetings
  • New Breakout Rooms to allow for smaller group discussion
  • Meeting attendees increased from 250 to 300
  • Meeting Lobby to prevent unwanted guests

The full list of features, with expected release dates, are detailed in the blog: 20 updates for Microsoft Teams for Education, including 7×7 video and Breakout Rooms

Teams 7x7 meeting view

It’s like being back on campus – University backgrounds for Teams chats

Marketing has provided a series of branded University backgrounds that you can use on your next Teams meeting.

You can download the backgrounds from the Teams Resources channel. Next time you select Background settings in a Teams meeting select +Add New and browse to the image you want to add.

NOTE: Images are mirrored ie. the University logo is reversed to you. This is CORRECT, it will appear the right way round for other meeting attendees.

You can also appear on the set of Only Fools and Horses. The BBC have released their archive of set photos as downloadable backgrounds. Enjoy!

Use a custom Newcastle University background in your Zoom meeting

You may have seen the creative backgrounds people are using on Zoom. They are great if you don’t want colleagues to see your choice of home decor (or the pile of ironing on the bed!). But how do you add a background to your Zoom chat? And what if you’re after something a little more professional?

Zoom’s virtual background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a meeting.  It’s simple to set up:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client (or install the Zoom Client to your PC)
  2. Click your profile picture then click Settings.
  3. Select Virtual Background.
  4. select ‘+’ to choose a virtual background and browse to an image

A selection of corporate backgrounds can be downloaded from the University Photo Library.

A detailed how-to guide can be found on the Zoom website. Please note, your computer or device must meet the minimum system requirements. How well it works can also depend on your physical environment (e.g. background and lighting).

If you have specific questions about Zoom or would like to learn more about its features, join our Zoom Community.

Newcastle bridges scene Zoom background

Getting the most from MS Teams – Weekly Webinars

Over the next few months we will be running weekly webinars covering communication, collaboration and customisation in Microsoft Teams. Below are the session running next week and you can sign-up for sessions here.

Tuesday 21st April 2-3pm
Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

In the session we’ll cover:  

  • Sharing files with your Team/stakeholders
  • Sharing files in meetings
  • Managing files and channels
  • Co-authoring best practice
  • Restricting permissions on files

Thursday 23rd April 2-3pm
Communication in Microsoft Teams

In the session we’ll cover:  

  • Chatting: 1:1 and Group Chats- Do you really need all of those Teams?
  • Posting to a Team: best practice and tips
  • Voice and Video Calls: How to schedule and manage meetings
  • Notifications: Controlling the noise

Sign-up for your chosen sessions here

Screen Sharing in Teams and Zoom meetings

During a video meeting in Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you might want to share your screen with a coworker. This could be useful as it’ll help them see content on the program or app you have open and are discussing.

We’ve put together some handy links and best practice advice to get you started.

Remember, during screen sharing, your entire screen can be visible. To avoid displaying everything on your screen during a meeting, you can choose the option to share a program or application only, so people in the call will only see the program of your choice.

New resources to help you get started with Office 365 and Teams

We’ve just created several resources on the University Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways site with tips and guides for remote working using Office apps.   Here are a few highlights from the guides:  

Get started with Teams

Remote & Home Working using Office 365

Also don’t forget… Guidance for Academic and Teaching Staff

LTDS, the FMS TEL Team and NUIT have been developing some webpages to support colleagues with the move to remote delivery of L&T. These are now on https://services.ncl.ac.uk/digitallearning/educationcontinuity/

LTDS, the FMS TEL Team and NUIT have been developing some webpages to support colleagues with the move to remote delivery of L&T. These are now on https://services.ncl.ac.uk/digitallearning/educationcontinuity/

There’s also a daily series of webinars on different tools and approaches to remote delivery including twice daily online drop-in sessions – the details are at https://services.ncl.ac.uk/digitallearning/educationcontinuity/support/.  

Group collaborating with PC