Newcastle University expert wins BEST award

Praise is to be given to Dr. Cristina McKean who has won a prestigious award for her work in developing a technique called BEST (Building Early Sentence Production) with Drs Sean Pert and Carol Stow of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. The Sternberg Prize for clinical Innovation was awarded to the trio from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists in November 2012.

In the autumn of this year, Cristina is launching a product based on the BEST technique she has worked so hard to develop. Piloting and service evaluation work has shown that children who receive BEST make significant progress; learning the rules about how to combine words into a range of different sentences. Published items will include a manual and therapy resources and training sessions will be delivered at Newcastle University. Dr. Cristina McKean is publishing these items and organising the training involved on a not for profit basis.

More information about the product will be released over the next few months. Follow our pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to find out more.