Crawhall’s Couple Kissing – #ChristmasCountdown Door no. 16

Door no. 16

Print of Couple Kissing from 'Impresses Quaint', 1889

Kissing Couple from ‘Impresses Quaint’, 1889 (Joseph Crawhall II Archive, JCII/7/96)

Is kissing under the mistletoe a Christmas tradition for you?

Joseph Crawhall II was born in Newcastle in 1821 and was the son of Joseph Crawhall I, who was a sheriff of Newcastle. As well as running the family ropery business with his brothers, he also spent his time illustrating, making woodcuts and producing books.

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4th December – Hand-painted Christmas card from ‘Hay’

Hand-painted christmas card from 'Hay'

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The Crawhall Collection is a wonderfully-diverse and visual collection of material by and relating to local businessman, artist and patron of the arts, Joseph Crawhall II (1821-1896).

It comprises chapbooks, proof copies, original sketches and watercolours by Crawhall; correspondence from his friends and publishers; and family ephemera including his marriage certificate and children’s vaccination certificates, family history information, programmes from plays in which his children appeared, as well as this Christmas card which Crawhall designed for his wife to send…plus much more!

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2nd December – “Tommy in the Snow”

Cat , day 2


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Joseph Crawhall II (1821-1896), was a businessman, artist and patron of the arts. His artistic achievements including wood engraving, watercolours and contributions to Punch magazine. The pursuits of himself and his family contributed to the thriving cultural environment of 19th Century Newcastle.

Not only contributing to the cultural heritage of Newcastle through his own artwork, Crawhall also promoted the arts through his role as a Secretary for the Arts Association of Newcastle upon Tyne and through his continuing efforts to preserve local architecture.

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