Aquarian H2A Hydrophone

Microphone TypeHydrophone
Polar PatternOmnidirectional
Frequency Response10Hz – 100KHz
+48v Phantom Power Required:Yes
ManualAquarian H2a

Are you looking to explore the sounds of the underwater world? Look no further than the Aquarian H2A hydrophone. This easy-to-use and waterproof microphone is a must-have for field recordings, providing a window into the mysteries of the depths below.

With its laboratory and military-grade construction, the H2A is built to withstand even the harshest environments, including the occasional acid drop. Its cable and microphone are completely waterproof, allowing you to lower the microphone into the water as far as the cable will allow.

Thanks to its high sensitivity, the H2A provides clean and accurate recordings. However, it’s important to monitor and adjust your levels continuously to avoid overloading the gain. Whether you’re working with water on the studio, on stage, or out in the field, this versatile hydrophone is a great choice. It can also be used with an included rubber enclosure which switches its functionality to that of a contact microphone.

To use the H2A, simply attach its XLR to your interface or mixer and switch on the 48V Phantom power. If you’re using it for field recordings, consider pairing it with a Zoom F8 or F4, which will provide the necessary interface and phantom power for use in a field recording setting.