Audio-Technica AT8022

Microphone TypeCondenser
Polar PatternStereo (X/Y) Cardioid
Frequency Response20Hz – 15KHz
+48v Phantom Power Required:Yes

The Audio-Technica AT8022 is a highly versatile X/Y stereo microphone with a low signal to noise ratio and low cut switch, making it a great tool for capturing clear and accurate stereo recordings.

To use the microphone, begin by attaching the microphone clip to a stable stand and securing the microphone in the clip. Connect the 5-pin XLR cable to the bottom of the microphone and the left and right XLR connectors to two channels on the patch bay/interface. Then, switch on the 48V Phantom power on the preamp or mixer and select the correct input in your recording software or mixer. This microphone can also be powered by an internal battery.

Its two outputs, which are necessary to achieve the X/Y stereo polar pattern, allow for clear stereo imaging with very little noise of its own.

In addition, the AT8022 has a low-cut switch of 80Hz, which is perfect for removing unwanted low-frequency noise from your recordings. Whether you’re recording in the studio or in the field, the AT8022 is the perfect tool for capturing accurate and high-quality stereo recordings.