About Andrey

My name is Andrey Mokhov, I am a software engineer at Jane Street London, and a visiting fellow at Newcastle University, UK. My research interests are in applying abstract mathematics and functional programming to solving large-scale engineering problems.

During my PhD study (2005-2009) I worked on asynchronous circuits and concurrent systems in general. I developed Conditional Partial Order Graphs to model the behaviour of concurrent systems by decomposing them into simple, well-understood parts. This modelling approach is now part of Workcraft, an open-source software toolkit for the design, verification and synthesis of asynchronous circuits.

I am originally from Kyrgyzstan, where I received a Software Engineering degree (2000-2005) from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. I was a 5-time champion of Kyrgyzstan in algorithmic competitions, and currently help to run ACM ICPC Quarterfinal in Kyrgyzstan.

I am @andreymokhov on Twitter and @snowleopard on GitHub.