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Stroll: an experimental build system

I’d like to share an experiment in developing a language-agnostic build system that does not require the user to specify dependencies between individual build tasks. By “language-agnostic” I mean the user does not need to learn a new language or a special file format for describing build tasks — existing scripts or executable files can be used as build tasks directly without modification.

I call this build system Stroll because its build algorithm reminds me of strolling through a park where you’ve never been before, trying to figure out an optimal path to your target destination, and likely going in circles occasionally until you’ve built up a complete mental map of the park.

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Walking on trees

Yesterday I learned a cool algorithm, which can be intuitively described as follows:

Pick a starting node, walk as far as you can, turn around, and walk as far as you can again.

Doesn’t sound too complicated, right? But it actually solves a non-trivial problem: it finds the diameter of a tree in linear computation time. The diameter of a tree is the length of the longest possible walk on it. For example, the tree below has diameter 8, because the longest walk on it goes through 8 links. There are actually three walks of length 8, we show the one between nodes p and q:

Tree diameter

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