Reading group in LTDS

A little while ago we started a small reading group for colleagues in the Learning and Teaching Development Service to share ideas and discuss current issues and publications related to learning and teaching in Higher Education.

We set ourselves a couple of parameters to encourage engagement, as we had tried a journal club previously to not a great deal of success.

This time we decided to limit ourselves:

  • to things that could be read or digested in around less than half an hour
  • to try too keep the readings short and digestible
  • to keep the discussion sessions to 30 minutes
  • to use small groups for discussion of themes, impressions etc

Over the past few groups we have:

Our next group will explore microcredentials by looking at the recent QAA quality compass paper – which way for micro credentials.  

This will be the first meeting of a slightly expanded group which includes colleagues from FMS TEL .

We have one person running the group for 6 months (Me!) and I look after collating suggestions which come in from anyone who wants to suggest something. I try to have a range of different types of materials and cover a range of learning and teaching related viewpoints as our group has people who work in policy, practice, pedagogy, quality assurance, data and governance, professional development and all the intersections thereof.

Last time we listened to a radio programme about closed captions, which really made me think about how we approach captioning in HE. Some great ideas resulted from the session and it certainly got us talking!

Guest Blog: Exploring the reading practices of undergraduate students

Photo of Helen St-Clair Thompson

by Helen St Clair-Thompson,  School of Psychology

In 2015/16 I took part in the university EQuATE programme (Equal Acclaim for Teaching Excellence). This introduced me to staff elsewhere in the university who were interested in similar aspects of learning and teaching, and I soon found myself in a conversation about students’ reading habits. Given the importance of reading we wondered how much time and effort student invest in reading material related to their course.

Working with Alison Graham and Sara Marsham from the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, I then began some research into students’ reading practices.  Continue reading “Guest Blog: Exploring the reading practices of undergraduate students”