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Meeting slots are now available for use with any group of students

We are pleased to announce the release of new functionality that will allow you to create meeting slots with any group in the University. Meeting slots are a popular part of the tutoring functionality in ePortfolio that allows tutors to specify particular timeslots they are free, and tutees can then sign up to a slot.
In the version released today, you can use meeting slots with supervision groups, tutees, whole modules, and any other bespoke group of students or staff.
To access the new functionality, navigate to the Meetings section using the drop down menu at the top of the screen (9 dots icon). You will see a new section labelled “Slots”. By selecting this you will be taken through to the page where you set up the slots, but you will notice in the top right hand corner of the page the option to “Add people to Slot Group”.
Meeting slots button

Selecting this will bring up the a search tool that shows your tutees/supervisees on the right hand side, but also allows you to search for anyone in the University.

Search people in ePortfolio

You can search by programme or module code, username, and by first or surname. If you search by module or programme code, there is an “Add All” button at the bottom of your search. This will add all students from the module / programme to your set of slots, allowing you to offer contact to a cohort of students in an organised manner.
If you are a user of supervision groups, you will see a new button on the Supervision Group page. This will allow you to create meeting slots for your supervision group.
Meeting slots for supervision groups
Having selected the students that the slots are to be offered to, you will then pick the length of slot and times you’re available and the students selected will be sent a booking email.
If you would like some extra support with the use of meeting slots, please email ltds@newcastle.ac.uk.

New release of ePortfolio

The latest release of ePortfolio was launched on the 8th of September. This new release has functionality that has been developed following feedback from the University academic staff and students.

Admissions data

ePortfolio now receives the list of students from the admissions data feed. The impact on tutors is that the tutees can appear in ePortfolio before the student arrives at the University. Once the tutor / tutee relationship has been entered in SAP, the student will appear in ePortfolio. This is on an overnight batch run.

Supervision Groups

This is a major change to the way items can be shared in ePortfolio. Staff can create custom groups and add students individually or through a module code. These groups will allow easier sharing of evidence, recording of meetings, and collaboration between peers.

Grant access to tutor meetings

If a tutee changes tutor they will be able to grant the new tutor access to previous meeting notes.For more information on this, please refer to the helpsheet here.


Staff can now send emails through ePortfolio to their tutees, or to students within a supervision group. The count of emails sent to students will appear on the Senior Tutor Report.

My Calendar

Students can now access their timetable, including any ePortfolio meetings. They can click on any spaces to arrange a meeting at that time.

ncl+ award

The new University award will be managed through ePortfolio. Students can take part in the award by committing to 70 hours of extra-curricular activities and following a programme though the Careers Service. For more information, please follow this link: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/students/nclplus/nclplus-award/