2003 Abstracts Stage 2

Personality in Structure

Alice Venning, 2003, Stage 2

Objective · Investigating a sense of belonging and its relationship to structure. Territory · In my project I follow the connection between structure in daily life and the structures found within Durham Cathedral. · I was interested in exploring the idea about one’s sense of belonging to a place, and most particularly whether this is affected by our structures, self imposed or otherwise. If a structure changes do we lose our sense of stability? Structure and stability have always been linked but is it these which, when taken out of the literal sense of architecture and put into the personal ideas of life, form the basis for which we shape our attachments? · I have chosen Durham Cathedral because of my personal knowledge and experience of the building and the life within it. · It provides many good opportunities for comparisons to be made between the life as it used to be lived in and around the cathedral over the past 900 years, and how we live our lives today. Because much of the day to day traditions in the cathedral have remained more or less as a constant it can be used as a basis providing useful information to contrast and compare what it is about structure that affects us. Summary · The first half of my project concerns the comparisons between structure and person, and the second half looks at the sense of belonging. As a conclusion bringing the whole project together, the last section looks at whether it is structure that makes us happy, or whether we could live without it. Research/Resources: Historical fact – building of cathedral Personal experiences – those working there and those visiting Works of Kant, Foucault and others

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