SRRDG Programme (Thursday)

Thursday 6th October

08.15-09.00: Registration

09.00-09.15: Welcome

09.15-12.30: Teeth and Beyond- Parallel workshops.

 WORKSHOP 1:Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Karen Heslop1 and Professor Tim Newton2

  1. CBT expert/ Respiratory Consultant Nurse, RVI, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  2. Professor of Psychology as Applied to Dentistry, King College London.

Aim: To give an overview of the theory and practical delivery of CBT in the dental settings.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of cognitive behavioural techniques.
  • Explain the role of CBT in alleviating anxiety about dental treatment.
  • Explain CBT clearly to a patient.
  • Apply cognitive behavioural techniques to a range of scenarios where patients face challenging situations within Restorative Dentistry.
  • Correctly decide when to refer someone for more specialist intervention e.g. Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

 WORKSHOP 2: Leadership and what it means in the NHS.

Helen Frankenberg

Director of North East Change Centre, Leadership and Management consultant.

Aim: To give a range of skills for enhancing leadership.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Describe different strategies for leading people through challenging situations and settings.
  • Effectively employ a range of problems solving techniques including ‘Action Learning Sets’.

WORKSHOP 3: Clinical Photography- beyond the basics

Dr Philip Wander

Dental photography expert, author and educator.

Aim: To enhance clinical photography skills, for those with a working knowledge of DSLR use (only a very brief summary of the basics will be provided).

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • List the functions of a DSLR camera.
  • Produce clinical images suitable for publication and patient information leaflets.
  • Select suitable backgrounds and lighting set ups.
  • Discuss the principles of secure image storage.
  • Describe how to perform basic camera maintenance.

N.B. A ‘camera clinic’ will also be available for those able to bring their own cameras.

WORKSHOP 4: Periodontal plastic surgery masterclass

Professor Anton Sculean

Chairman of the Department of Periodontology, University of Bern.

Aim: To assist delegates in achieving a higher level of soft tissue surgical skills.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key anatomical landmarks that should be considered during soft tissue management.
  • Describe the practical stages required to perform a range of surgical procedures such as a frenectomy, free gingival graft, connective tissue grafts, and modified coronally advanced tunnel techniques.

N.B. This session will be completed using pigs jaws. Preference will be given to individuals who did not attend the cadaver surgical training day.

Session supported by: NU logoStraumann_Logo_web-transparent

12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-14.30: Teeth and Beyond- When is a tooth beyond repair?

Professor Michael Naumann

Centre of Dentistry Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, University of Ulm, Germany.

Aim: To review the techniques for restoring heavily restored teeth and their evidence base.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Outline the treatment concepts for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth.
  • Follow an evidence-based approach to the treatment of compromised teeth.

Session supported by:Dentsply


14.30-15.00: Coffee

15.00-15.30: Role of the Restorative Consultant-beyond clinical work (introductory lecture)  

Dr Phil Taylor

Aim: To introduce the management roles of the Restorative Dentistry Consultant.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

– Describe the management roles of a Restorative Dentistry Consultant.

15.30-17.30: Role of the Restorative Consultant- beyond clinical work (interactive panel discussion)

  Francis Nohl (Chair)


  • Kevin Fairbrother (Clinical Director, Restorative Clinical Lead)
  • Dr Phil Taylor (Clinical Director, Restorative Clinical Lead)
  • Dr Ian Martin (Medical Director)
  • Richard Parker (CEO)
  • Helen Frankenberg (Leadership and Management Consultant)
  • Martin Foster (Dento-legal Expert, Dental Protection)
  • Donna Anderson (Employment Lawyer)
  • Amanda Maskery (Healthcare Lawyer)

Aim: To discuss the challenges in delivering quality, cost effective care in Restorative Dentistry.

Learning Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the challenges around working with social media.
  • Discuss management topic such as handling complaints, clinical effectiveness and commissioning.

17.45- 18.30: SRRDG AGM