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Grow Your Business with Nobel Biocare

Dedicated to supporting dental professionals and helping their businesses grow, Nobel Biocare has remained a leader in innovation for more than 50 years.

Through constant research and development, cutting-edge implant products are designed specifically to provide solutions to the challenges practitioners face every day. Created to work together for the very best results, products in the comprehensive portfolio deliver exceptional primary stability, new restorative opportunities and outstanding aesthetics.

For example, the NobelActive® Wide Platform and NobelParallel® Conical Connection implants are ideal for reliable and predictable treatment in the posterior region. The Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) abutment and Omnigrip™ tooling then provide exciting new restorative possibilities. Dr Philip Pettemerides, Principal Dentist at Edgar Buildings Dental Care in Bath, said:

“Nobel Biocare has answered the demands of clinicians once again with the ASC. This innovative abutment and driver allow crowns to be screw-retained even when the screw access hole would normally be through the labial surface or incisal edge.”

NobelClinician® has also become the ‘must-have’ tool for all practitioners looking to raise the standard of their implant dentistry. The intuitive software facilitates highly accurate diagnostics and treatment planning and improves communication with the technician for a seamless workflow and enhanced outcomes. It also ensures a fantastic patient experience, encouraging referrals and raising the profile and reputation of the practice.

To compliment its range of innovations, Nobel Biocare also offers on-going support with members of the team always on hand to provide any bespoke advice or information clinicians may need. Various educational opportunities such as training courses and conferences are also available, each presented by internationally renowned professionals and designed to help delegates raise the standard of their implant dentistry and drive business success. Dr Sharif Khan from Rockingham House Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, commented:

“I believe that a lot of my practice’s success can be attributed to the support received from Nobel Biocare. The team has always encouraged delivery of high quality dentistry, plus they provide the right products and branding to be able to develop the practice into a high-end business.”

For more information about the innovations and support available from Nobel Biocare and how the team can help you develop your business,

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