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Starting university can be daunting…. whether you are thinking about joining the BNS school or are already studying with us, you may at times feel like a fish out of water. From living independently in a big city for the first time, having lectures with a large cohort to figuring out your studying mojo, it can take a while to find your feet…. but we are here to help! 

Why Read Our Blog? 

If you want an insider’s view of life in the School of Biomedical, Nutritional, and Sport Sciences (SBNS), you’re in the right place! You’ll find insights into student life, school updates, and all manner of bio-science scattered among these pages.

Get to know the BNS school, its students, and staff through this blog. Dive into what we get up to inside and outside the lab – from placement years, international exchanges, and research projects, to seeking out the best food spots in Newcastle and must-do activities for your university bucket list. 

Thanks to our stellar academics, technicians, and administrative staff, our degree programs are in TEF-gold shape. SBNS students are actively working to build diverse and rich collaborations both within our school and in our local communities, with projects including  SciComm Takeovers and SOLAR outreach

From study tips, and guides to the best study spots around campus, to how to cook at uni without burning your house down, check out our student secrets in the Thriving, not Surviving Series.

Get the insider view of what students and scientists do on day to day basis in our Day in The Life Series.

PARTNERs Student working in the lab
PARTNERs Students working in the lab