Best Kept Student Study Spots

As a prospective or 1st year student, or even a 2nd year who’s had the joy of online teaching for the majority of your university experience, then this post is for you! With the help of some friends and fellow blog interns, I’ve come up with a few of the best study spots in Newcastle. Whilst you may have heard of some of these, there are some hidden gems that I’ve discovered that I’m kindly sharing with the rest of the student cohort…so please don’t swarm my favourite study spots all at once!

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Bored of the pub? Try the Great North Museum: Hancock!   

By Kate Watson – 3rd year Biomedical Sciences

As a twenty-year-old student, there are many places I go to in Newcastle: clubs, parks and restaurants. When you’re only living in a city for a few years, you’ve got to try to make the most of it! I thought I’d visited everything that was worthwhile. How wrong I was!  

A grand building on campus was hiding a multitude of wonders. I’d walked past it many times, but I’d never once considered going in. Who wants to spend their free time in a boring old museum?  

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