Recognising biodiversity globally

This week marks two special days for environmental sustainability: International Day for Biological Diversity and World Bee Day. While symbolic in scope, the importance of having days dedicated to thought, speech and action for protecting and increasing biodiversity and bees on this planet deserves recognition.

In this short post I want to flag up a video produced at Newcastle University with two brilliant researchers in biology and ecology: Dr Louise Mair and Dr Rike Bolam. They answer a series of questions from young people about animals and biodiversity more generally.

I also want to draw attention to a series of ‘short stories’ that explain a vision of where academic research and conservation needs to go up until 2030 and beyond (click each one to find out more).

International collaboration is key to reversing the downward trend of biodiversity and protecting the Earth’s key pollinators, without whom we would surely struggle to survive, if not perish.

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