The year Britain flooded

Last night Channel 4 broadcast a programme on flooding in Britain in 2012.

Much of the programme focussed on recent floods in the Northeast, where CESER researchers have been applying their expertise in urban flood modelling and data acquistion in Newcastle and other cities to look at the Toon Monsoon.

The programme also explored the sensitivity of slopes to extreme events, another area CESER have extensive experience – including their full scale test embankment.

CESER supports the EA in their new role coordinating the development of the UK’s climate predictions

The UK Climate Projections (UKCP09), first developed in 2009, provide climate information designed to help those needing to plan how they will adapt to a changing climate. The data is focused on the UK, and is free of charge.

Past and current global greenhouse gas emissions mean that the world is already committed to some level of future climate change, so adaptation to address the resulting consequences is important. The Projections are presented for three different future scenarios representing High, Medium and Low greenhouse gas emissions.

No climate model can give a single definite answer to what the future will look like, instead the projections are based on the best available scientific evidence and understanding to help people to make sensible and informed decisions for the future.

In October 2011, the Environment Agency took over the management of UKCP09 as part of its Climate Ready support service. This role was previously provided by UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP). The Environment Agency is working in partnership with the Met Office Hadley Centre, British Atmospheric Data Centre and the Universities of Newcastle and East Anglia to provide a continuous service, including technical assistance through the UKCP09 Helpdesk.

Newcastle University’s Professor Chris Kilsby (Professor of Hydrology and Climate Change), supported by CESER academics, plays a key role “maintaining and enhancing the Weather Generator functionality of the projections and providing advice on future developments in climate scenarios for the UK”.

The Environment Agency’s Climate Ready support service provides advice and guidance to businesses, public sector and other organisations on adapting to a changing climate.  The aim is to increase the resilience to climate risks of organisations in key sectors across England.

CESER Research featured on BBC Radio 4 Today programme

Prize winning research by CESER Director Richard Dawson (see article here) was featured on BBC Radio 4 in a short piece that remembers the 1953 flood event – 60 years on.

Professor Robert Nicholls, long time CESER collaborator and co-author of the research, describes some of the research and the difficulties associated with managing a dynamic coastline.

The featurette starts at 1:21:08-1:26:00 (with a later interview of 1953 survivors)