@nclceser collaborators @SMART_facility release their #smartgreenpaper outlining #infrastructure imperatives for Australia

As in the UK, Australia is seeking to extract more value for each infrastructure dollar invested.  SMART have identified a number of recommendations based upon three infrastructure imperatives:

  • Establish an Australian Infrastructure Market
  • Enhance attractiveness of infrastructure for private funding
  • Overhaul infrastructure for radical innovation and productivity growth

The emphasis on funding and innovation to stimulate growth is a core driver behind the CESER led iBUILD infrastructure business models project.

The full report can be downloaded from:


Enda O’Connell, #ceser researcher, calls on ministers to show greater leadership on #flooding

Professor Enda O’Connell calls on ministers to show greater leadership on flooding.


Morning Reports (BBC, Radio5Live)

Professor Enda O’Connell, who leads much of the CESER research on catchment systems, discusses the need for a “portfolio of flood prevention strategies” to mitigate the risk of flooding.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03ph7wk (10:08 minutes into programme)

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