A lecture by So Mayer:

Excitation, or, Outside Together: Schändaustellungen, WHEREISANAMENDIETA, Forensic Architecture

Tuesday 31 May
A Fine Art Newcastle Event (Online) 
Zoom link below

‘We’re chanting “Oi, Tate, we’ve got a vendetta, where the fuck is Ana Mendieta?” We really mean it. We are vengeful and burning with rage’ — Liv Wynter, 2016

This talk asks what happens when we cite, centre and practice agential forms such as protest, programming and reportage as art writing ‘that really mean[s] it’? What kind of accountability to the communities and practitioners outside institutions does that call us to?

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Weds 18 May 2022, 5-7 PM

Undergraduate (Year 1-3) + MFA presented in the Fine Art studios.

Fine Art Department

Everyone welcome!

Please wear a mask where you can!

In Continuation:

“Under One Roof” Work by Newcastle University’s Fine Art Graduate Class of 2020 PREVIEW: Wednesday 18th May 6-9 pm, Great North Museum (GNM).

Poster: Ella du Gay

Poetry and Feelings: Optional Workshop for Fine Art Students

27 April,11.00-13.00, G.13 (Studio Space), Armstrong Building.

Dr Sam Buchan-Watts, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in Art Writing

Wordsworth once declared that ‘poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings’, a phrase often used to suggest the uniquely personal and passionate status of poetry as an art form. However, Wordsworth’s modulating clause, ‘it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity’, can get forgotten. 

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Industrial Strike Action

I hope you are keeping well and having an enjoyable Semester 2. I am getting in touch to follow up on a previous message to you concerning Industrial Action. It now seems that the planned national strike will go ahead from Monday 14th, and I wanted to explain a bit about what that will look like and what we are doing to help and support. 

Some of us will have seen Industrial Action before, but not everyone, so here is the broad outline of what is likely to happen.

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