Previous ULTSEC innovation Award Winners 2013-14

2013 Awards: Assessment and Feedback & Retention through Student Engagement

In 2013 the panel funded 15 projects, each for up to £5k. Ten projects were funded under the priority theme ofAssessment and feedback.  Three projects were funded under the priority theme of Retention through student engagement.  Two projects were funded outside these priority themes. Relevant resources are:

  • the list of funded projects – congratulations to all the award winners
  • the 2013 call for proposals document with more information on the two priority themes
  • resources from the Innovation Fund dissemination and welcome event on 14th December 2012 which included presentations from the Innovation Fund 2012 project teams. Click here for the running order for the event. The table below has links to speakers’ slides; please note that for some recordings you may need to swap between the ‘slides’ and ‘screen’ tabs in the ReCap viewer.
Suzanne Cholerton (introduction to the Innovation Fund): slides; ReCap recording Franck Michel: slides; ReCap recording
Andy Lovatt and Jon Goss: slides; ReCap recording Feng Hao and Jeff Yan: slides; ReCap recording
Sarah Lickess, David Kennedy, Andy James, Richard Price, Roger Searle, Katriona Watson and Dianorah Smith: slides; ReCap recording Rachel Hammersley and Sara Bird: slides; ReCap recording
Tom Snell and Andrew Grenfell: ReCap recording Graham Long and David Walker: ReCap recording
Anselma Gallinat and Geoff Payne: slides;ReCap recording Georgina Carr and Debbie Bevitt: slides; ReCap recording
Jennifer Richards and Jane Nolan: slides; ReCap recording Neveen Hamza and Adam Sharr: ReCap recording
Alex Ho-Cheong Leung and Martha Young-Scholten:slides; ReCap recording Barbara Phillips-Kerr and Stephanie Barton: slides;ReCap recording
Valerie Pellatt and Chia-Ying Yang: slides;ReCap recording Peter Garson, Matt Bentley and Sara Marsham:slides; ReCap recording; Placement supervisor handbook; Student placement module handbook
Nuria Lopez: slides; ReCap recording Caspar Hewett, Jon Pugh, Andy Large and Alison Williams: slides; ReCap recording
Alison Williams and Simon Tate: slides Grace Barker, Colin Bryson and Jane Webster:slides; ReCap recording

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