Reciprocal links with the Archaeology of Portus

One of the great things about FutureLearn is the opportunity to work with partner institutions. For example, we have seem many synergies between our Hadrian’s Wall course and Southampton University’s Archaeology of Portus. We see learners in Hadrian’s Wall discussing and recommending Portus or referring to specific steps and activities, and even continuing dialogue with fellow learners they met through Portus.

Professor Graeme Earle (lead educator on Portus) has added links between steps in the Archaeology of Portus and other MOOCs including Hadrian’s Wall, which we have reciprocated. Learners can more easily see and follow connections between the courses (see links below the two courses below). Currently, users have to be signed up to both courses for this to work. If FutureLearn realise the plan to make individual steps more open (viewable without signing up to the course) this will become even more powerful.

Graeme’s post: Hadrian’s Wall cross references

Archaeology of Portus

Portus Hadrian’s Wall
Development of the Port Hadrian: civilisation and barbarism
Aerial photography and LiDAR What does aerial photography tell us about the Roman advance?
Aerial photography and LiDAR Which archaeological features can you identify from these aerial photographs?
Find of the week – fineware Vessels for food and drink on the frontier
The Trajanic ports Can you read a tombstone?
Some finds from today Categorising small finds
Find of the week – Byzantine crucifix Belts, brooches and late Roman soldiers
Find of the week – Byzantine crucifix Brooches, artefacts and identity
Geophysical prospection Seeing beneath the soil
Terme Della Lanterna The bath house – a hive of Roman social activity
Photogrammetry and laser scanning of artefacts Reading and recording cult objects using laser scanning

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