Completing EvaSys Evaluations using Mobile Devices

Written by Liz

Module and stage evaluations are now even more accessible and are available for students to complete on their electronic devices. The Evasys system which delivers the online surveys is compatible with iSO, Android and Windows devices. With the addition of extra wifi access across the university it makes it easier for students to take part.

Students should be encouraged to complete the surveys during lectures and seminars if there is time available to do so. Many students don’t respond to surveys as they are not in a suitable place to respond when the email comes in, but if they are encouraged to respond during a lecture or seminar, it will help to boost response rates and make the feedback more reliable. When surveys open for students they are sent an email with a link to take part in the survey. This link is individual to the student and can only be used once. 

Evasys also plugs into Blackboard so students should be able to see if they have any open surveys. My EvaSys has a dropdown off the ‘My Institution’ tab that list open surveys specific to the student. Students also should be able to access surveys through the Blackboard Mobile Learn app.

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