Learning and Teaching Conference 2018: Newcastle University Students’ Union Workshop

by Dr Joe Barton, Newcastle University Students’ Union

Dr Joe Barton is the Representation & Research Coordinator at Newcastle University Students’ Union (NUSU). His main responsibilities are providing training and support to Academic Student Reps, assisting NUSU’s Education Officer with initiatives to improve the learning experience of students and reporting on student opinion to the University through analysing surveys, running focus groups and writing reports.

At NUSU, we are acutely aware of how the rapid changes currently taking place in the HE sector present both opportunities and threats to the student-staff partnership, making it all the more important that staff and students share a critical and mutual understanding of terms such as ‘engagement’ and ‘partnership’ and their purposes.

With this in mind, NUSU’s workshop is designed to engage staff and students alike in a dialogue about academic representation at Newcastle.

Participants will be invited to share their perspectives on student-staff partnership in academic representation, outline the strengths and weaknesses of the academic representation system as it stands with regards to fostering partnership, and identify practical changes that all stakeholders can make to improve the student-staff partnership.

The session is open to participants with and without direct experience of the academic representation system.

To sign up to the conference where you will have the chance to take part in this workshop please go to  https://forms.ncl.ac.uk/view.php?id=1095627 

You can find out more about the other conference speakers on the conference webpage. Keep an eye on this webpage as we will continue to update  as further speakers are announced.

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