CASAP Review

By Sue Gill, Team Manager, Academic Practice Team, LTDS

As some of you will be aware we will be introducing a new scheme to replace CASAP from September 2019 for new starters.

The first point to make clear is that for anyone who is currently working their way through CASAP, you will be able to continue and complete your programme. We’ve been working hard to ensure that there is a transition period long enough to work for everyone. That includes those colleagues who are booked to begin LTES during this rest of this academic year, we’ll be running the second and third modules so you can complete as much as you need of the programme.

The replacement for CASAP currently has the working title of Newcastle Teaching Award 2. It is a structured scheme which will lead to Associate Fellowship or Fellowship recognition over a period of 2 years. It is intended that the normal probationary requirement would be achieving D2 via the scheme (replacing the existing Newcastle Teaching Award).

Staff who have a probationary requirement of achieving Fellowship will have their progress through the Scheme supported by a team of colleagues with a role broadly similar to the existing FPLOs [title to be agreed].

The scheme comprises 3 parts:

  • A 2 day, face to face Introduction to Teaching at Newcastle. After this staff would meet with their FPLO and agree the appropriate route for themselves through the core and elective units. This will allow for personalisation based on previous experience and knowledge.
  • Stage 1 a series of core and elective units of learning which would provide a teaching basics toolkit to staff new to teaching and allow staff to apply for Associate Fellowship, if not going onto stage 2. Staff will also be required to undertake a number of teaching observations.
  • Stage 2 a series of core and optional units of learning which would expand on stage 1, supporting staff as they move into roles where they are reviewing and leading modules and programmes, and which provides the structured support for staff to apply for Fellowship on completion of the required core and optional units.

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