Parent-Child Modules

Many staff often request for modules to be joined together on the Virtual Learning Environment where the content delivered on those modules is the same. When this happens, we create what is called a parent-child module. The existing modules become child modules of a newly created parent module. Combining the modules in this way means that the content only has to be added to the parent, but students continue to see the content via the child module they are enrolled in.

For example, a lecturer requests modules K1920-ABC2000 Introduction to Newcastle and K1920-ABC2004 Introduction to Newcastle (Erasmus Study Abroad) to be combined as all teaching content and sessions are the same. A new parent module is created called K1920-ABC2000-ABC2004 Introduction to Newcastle using the content from K1920-ABC2000 module as the template. Any staff will now see the new parent module in their course list and this is where all content will be added or edited, but the students continue to see only the module that they are enrolled on.

Staff find this set up very beneficial, however there are a number of points to consider:

  • All content added to the parent module will be seen by students on all child modules e.g. announcements, documents, assignments unless you create student groups and use adaptive release
  • Once the parent module is created, no amendments can be made to the content in the child modules
  • The Canvas Syllabus page will no longer be populated from the MOF database. Any content normally provided on this page will need to be provided elsewhere in the course in order to meet the Canvas Baseline,
  • Any student interaction with the child modules before the modules are joined, e.g. contribution to a discussion forum, will no longer be available
  • If any assessment submissions have already taken place before the modules are joined, these will no longer be available. Also if you have created any Turnitin assignments these will no longer work even if there have been no submissions so these will need to be set up again in the new parent module
  • The ReCap recordings folder will be configured to show all jointly taught sessions.  If you require students to have access to any other recordings please contact
  • All module leaders must agree to the combining of the modules.

All requests for parent-child modules should be submitted using the appropriate form.

Queries about parent-child modules should be sent to the IT Service Desk.

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