2022 Abstracts Stage 3

Meditations on Leisure and The Society of Labourers

Christopher Watson Eaton, 2022, Stage 3

The stratification of the Ancient Athenian City State was acknowledged by citizens and slaves alike. The use of slaves to enable greater action was a prominent feature of the city state, allowing for civic life and peer to peer interaction. This stratification has been perpetuated into modern society but under the guise of a working class. Capitalism itself, an adopted slave morality and degrees of power all contribute to the maintenance of an almost four hundred year old capitalist system. This system has adapted and evolved alongside the times. Today, we see yet another evolution of capitalism with the rise of the digital revolution. This paper highlights the need for a constant examination of values based on the sort of life which society can currently provide. Suggesting that the etymological definition of labour is applying to less and less people and this should provide us with optimism for a future which relearns the value of leisure.

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